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Contract Staffing Solutions

More and more organisations are coming to rely upon temporary, contract or project-based employees rather than permanent or long term staff. This can be an excellent labour solution, but only if you can find the right people for the role – ones who take temporary work seriously, and show the kind of professionalism your organisation needs. Majestic can help you find those golden temporary employees, and in as many numbers as you may need. Let us know exactly what you need.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Every company knows just how many ‘permanent’ roles prove all too temporary in practice. Majestic can help you find the kind of reliable, committed people you need to fill your critical roles, and help your company truly thrive! Call us today to see how we can help.

Contract 2 Hire Staffing Solutions

Sometimes a hybrid solution is just what you need to meet all of your short and long term staffing targets. Whether you need to hit a new project with a massive amount of people power at first, then throttle back to something smaller scale in the long term or whether you want to recruit trainers and supervisors from the people already doing the work, Majestik Services can help you find just the right people. Give us a ring and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Looking for just the right

Excellent! We can always find a place for a skilled, reliable and eager potential contract or permanent employee!
We are experiencing heightened demand for temporary qualified nurses, support workers, healthcare assistants and prison officers at the moment. Whether that describes your skillset or your strengths lie somewhere else entirely, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us right away!

Recruitment and Staffing Consultation

Sometimes the answer you seek isn’t simply an influx of skilled temporary workers or a few reliable and trustworthy employees. Sometimes you need to prong in a team of experts who can really dig down to identify your staffing and recruitment issues, and help you implement the kind of modern HR solutions that make your company more effective, more efficient and more competitive

Employer Branding

Your branding in the eyes of potential employees is far too important to ignore. The type of people who join your organisation, the length of time they stay there and even the quality of the work they do for you depends not just on who you hire, but who they feel they are working for. Communicating your brand to the right audiences, and implementing the right kind of public facing projects can see your in-house or outsourced recruiters discovering an entirely new quality of employees.
Majestik Services can provide expert branding professionals to discover what potential employees really think about your organisation, and how to get them thinking the right things. If that sounds like something you could use, contact us today!

Engagement Projects

As contract, temporary, flexible and even remote working become more common, the traditional methods of engaging with and motivating your people don’t seem to work as well as they once did. All too often, the results are underperforming employees and the scrapping of programs which would otherwise have great potential.
Majestik Services can help you discover and implement innovative and highly effective ways to improve employer-employee communication, and make the working experience better for both of you. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Talent Finding Strategy

Especially at the training, leadership and management levels, truly talented people can give your organisation a huge advantage when it comes to identifying and overcoming business or organisational challenges, and in spotting opportunities soon enough to take real advantage of them. Organisations filled with truly talented people are more nimble, more mission-focused and just more effective all around.
Majestik Services’ consultants can help you find the right strategy for getting the right people in, and developing them to the peak of their potential. Would you like to hear exactly how we’d do that for you? Give us a call now!

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